Anthony Fleshner

Anthony Fleshner - Gameplay Engineer - Dallas, TX -


Master of Interactive Technology, Southern Methodist University – Guildhall
  Specialization: Software Engineering
  GPA: 3.75 / 4.0

  Master’s Thesis: “Fast Random Genetic Search for Large-Scale RTS Combat" (C++)
  Lead Software Engineer - 2D Bullet Hell game named ‘The Abyss’       (Unity 4)
  Lead Software Engineer - multiplayer FPS game named ‘Spectra’        (UE4)
  Lead Software Engineer - first-person Puzzle game named ‘Gravitas’   (UE4)

Bachelor of Science, Texas A&M University
  Major: Computer Science      
  GPA: 3.5/4.0, Cum Laude


Programming Language Proficiencies: C++, C#
Software Experience: Unreal Engine 4/5, Unity 4/5+, Visual Studio, Git, Perforce


Gameplay Programmer - Robot Entertainment - Dallas, Texas 11/18 - present
Orcs Must Die 3 (C++, UE4)
  Designed and implemented major gameplay features (trap grid, onslaught coordinator, combo / killstreak)
  Created designer tools for quick content creation
  Acted as the performance team leader for all platforms
  Contributed in interdepartmental design discussions
Gameplay Programmer - Playful Corp - Dallas, Texas 05/16 - 11/18
Super Lucky's Tale, Star Child, Unannounced Projects (C#, Unity 5+)
  Designed, prototyped, and implemented gameplay features
  Collaborated with design, art, and animation departments to bring features to final quality
  Created in-engine tools which provide functionality for all departments
  Contributed ideas and knowledge which shaped the outcome of projects
  Attended industry conferences for networking and educational opportunities

Systems Engineer - Lockheed Martin - San Antonio, Texas 07/13 – 08/14
  Supported annual Disaster Relief Exercise
  Lead supporting projects
  Created network diagrams and documentation

Software Engineer - Cisco Systems - San Jose, California 06/12 – 07/13
  Collaborated on a direct team of 6-10 people in the Wireless Networking Business Unit
  Designed and assembled wireless networking test beds
  Resolved Wireless Mobility bugs
  Completed weekly sanity, scale, and performance testing
  Created command line interfaces for controllers and access points

Software Engineering Intern - Cisco Systems - San Jose, California 05/10 - 08/10, 05/11 - 08/11
  Collaborated on a team of 6-10 people in the Wireless Networking group
  Analyzed existing wireless mobility protocol to design test cases
  Designed a physical wireless testbed in order to run test scripts
  Developed test scripts to ensure the integrity of a wireless mobility solution
  Researched wireless mobility network fundamentals and protocols

Software Engineering Researcher - Interface Ecology Lab - College Station, Texas 07/10 - 03/11
  Developed software using location-aware technologies
  Designed navigational software based on photography


E-sports - Rock Climbing - Motorcycles - Unicycling